Sculptures, Videos, Proposals, Etc.

wound, bruise


rehearsing an attempt to rub a hole in my inner left thigh

draining all the fluid from this rain puddle


practicing how my remains will wash ashore after I walk out to sea to touch the horizon

proposal to disappear into light

lifting the dust from my studio floor in an attempt to disappear from your sight

proposal for actions to be performed with my ashes (by Mary and/or Emilia)

refusing to let the sun penetrate inside me

proposals for indentations my body will leave behind when it last falls; grassy noll/open field edition

pull a weed; hold it until it wilts

saturating a mound with rain water until it swells up to meet the bottom of the sky

tree (version 2)

attempt to run through one my studio walls

room construction proposal

proposal to disappear into light


rehearsing possible shadows my decaying corpse might cast

holding my finger on the surface of this body of water until the V-shaped ripple I created is permantely etched onto it

portable hole proposal

drowning in my studio: version 3

instructions to absorb all the light on the screen